Ping Bulk: Mass Ping Site or Blog

Ping Bulkis Unique Auto Mass Ping Service that will ReBoost and ReEngize your Websites and Blogs. With Ping Bulk you invite the Search Engines to visit your site & crawl fresh Content & Index new Links ie results in more Targetted Traffic & Search Engine Rankings. You can Mass Ping UNLIMITED Urls or RSS Submit at once to 25+ Main Engines that sends 95% of web traffic. - AND all for FREE

Enter unlimited URL's

  • Q. Why is Ping Slow Or is it me only ?

    A. Ping all Url's from Serverside i.e. mysql based because it has to be run via private proxies. Ping Sites who do it fast do it on browser side & its not effective & ITS IMPOSSIBLE get successful results by PINGING even 100 urls with same IP to engines (They are SMART).

  • Q. How many Url's I can ping ? :

    A. UNLIMITED, YES you read it right Just upload domains in text file and u are done, will take few mins to few hours as per Queue or Proxy available. We got bunch of 2500 Private Proxies from 12 Countries.

  • Q. Are u hosted on VPS or Dedicated ?

    A. runs on 3 Dedicated Servers i.e. 1 is for script & 2 for mysql and submisisions (known as beefy server).

  • Q. Why its FREE ?

    A. We do SEO for Few Big portals and sites and daily ping our own 50,000 URLs thats why weve made this site BUT as our servers are Free most of the time we made these tools public.

  • Q. Ive Pinged my site 1-2 days back BUT still its not indexed. Why so ?

    A. We Suggest to use all 3 tools to ping ur site specially create and submit RSS daily with random links also ping it too and repeat Pinging + fast backlink tool twice a week,on Ist ping itself Bots crawl sites in few mins but for indexing Google or yahoo use their own algorithems so it may take time

  • Q. I Get internal server Error or no results even few mins of submissions. Why?

    A. When server get disconnected from your browser or PC or timeout it shows these errors, BUT you need not worry once the files or pasted URLS are uploaded submisson start in backround on server.